Speed up
the moisturizing process

Take Care of,
Your feet

Say goodbye to foot & heal pain

Foot Care

We give you back your comfort.


Fight! Anti-aging

Skin Care

Smooth and tighten the neck skin.


Do you have flat feet?

Flat & High arch

Innovate empowered manufactured products.


We believe a healthy life begins with knowing and caring every portion of human body.

About GelSmart

GelSmart , with headquarter in NJ, USA, is the global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of orthopedic, skin care and health care products. We have a 25-year record of success in creating health care products using as many as 5 different types of innovative elastomers.

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Provide Full Function and Full Protection

Dual Densities Silicone Insole

Insole is the first contact of our feet. Gelsmart Dual-density silicone insole series use the best silicone elastomer …

Provide Full Function and Full Protection

Gelsmart Advanced Gel Cushion Series

Gelsmart advanced gel insole and heel pad are designed ideally for fat pad atrophy. Provide enhanced comfort …

Provide Full Function and Full Protection

Slim, Soft, and Cushion

Gelsmart’s Invisible Care Series allow you to work all day and have fun all night in your favorite dress shoes…

Provide Full Function and Full Protection

Healix Care Breathable Insoles

HealixCare insoles combine our state-of-the-art BambooTecc top cover with our Intermediate Shock Absorbing…